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Incipio has created another quality leather wallet for Zune that serves its purpose quite nicely. For those who may be looking for something to protect their Zune, this could be the perfect choice for you.

This particular wallet snugly fits both the 4gb and 8gb Zune, allowing full access to plug-ins and buttons, so there is rarely a need to remove your Zune from its wallet. The color is vibrant (the particular one used for this review being pink) and even, with no discolorations or shaded areas, and the stitching is uniform and secure. The wallet fits nicely in the hand, making it easy to carry, yet is slim enough to fit in someone’s pocketbook without taking up too much extra room.

The wallet is lightly padded, thus protecting your unit from bumps, and though it does make it somewhat thicker than the actual Zune for carrying, I have not found this to be an issue in any way whatsoever. As an added protection, the interior that actually touches the Zune is done in suede, offering freedom from scratches and the like.

The area covering the screen has a crystal clear plastic for ease of viewing, and for the protection of your screen. This area may be the only reason you find to remove your Zune from its wallet, in order to clean its plastic of the occasional lint or debris that may slip into its interior. The wallet opens like a book, and though there is a magnetic closure that will keep your unit securely closed, the top end is its vulnerable area, as this is where the Zune is inserted. Hence the issue with the occasional interior cleaning.

Though some may not like the flip-style opening of the wallet, as the side flap needs to be held in place for viewing, I have actually found that it is beneficial to have when viewing videos and podcasts outdoors as it works like a shade, making it easier to see in the outdoor light. After using this wallet for about two or three months, I am quite pleased with the stylish protection it has offered the Zune, and am well satisfied with its overall quality.

This handy little wallet is available in three colors, black, pink, and chocolate brown, and retails at the affordable price of $19.99. The final kicker on this great leather case is that Incipio offers a lifetime guarantee, so if you should ever have an issue, they will either repair it or replace it for free. You can find this fine product, and many more, at myincipio.com.

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