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Zombie Farm Iphone App Review Free Game Farming Sim Farmville Ipad Ipod Touch Itunes Store

Zombie farm is a grow over time farming simulation game which is aimed at a new audience. Rather than just general planting and harvesting, zombie farm encourages players to grow zombies and raise an army of the un-dead to invade nearby settlements. It was created by The Playforge for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch and the game is currently free to download; however there are in app purchases that require real money to be spent.

Farming Sims such as Farmville have been key games in the Facebook gaming revolution and the grow over time genre has become one of the biggest earners on the iTunes store. Tap Zoo, another example of this genre is currently the highest grossing game on the app store. The only problem is that the games only appeal to a certain audience, and this is what Zombie farm has attempted to change.

By making the game about raising the un-dead and invading places with armies of zombies, the creators have tailored the game to the audience that would probably not have experienced or enjoyed the grow over time genre before. Usually these games epitomise communist ideals with a capitalist backbone; everyone working together nicely and happily but for their own monetary benefit. The audience that zombie farm appeals to usually find themselves destroying such civilisations in games.

This change however is simply superficial as the game play is incredibly similar to all other farming games on the market. Players start with a quick tutorial about how to plough, plant and harvest their crop and then are left to level up on their own, and in doing so unlock more crops and items to make their farm look pretty.

The game has two currencies: gold and brains. Gold are earned during play and are spent on the basic parts of the game such as planting and ploughing. Brains are used to purchase the more elaborate items in the game or to access certain features earlier than usual. These cost real money and can be purchased in the market.

The graphics of zombie farm are equal with the other big games in this genre; they are good but by no means a reason to choose this game over the others. The sounds are nice and relaxing, with a 60’s folk feeling with acoustic guitar and cello. This clearly is fitting with the genre but not the game as it focuses on un-dead zombies. This was probably a small oversight. The game play is good but as with the other games of this type, it requires the player to play for very short bursts and continuous game play is simply impossible. This is why it does not appeal to everyone. Overall the game is good, but very little to get excited about. It is recommended, but only as a bit of fun to see the new zombie style.

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