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Youtube started a video revolution by providing amateur filmmakers with the opportunity to be discovered and share their work with millions. Sadly, what Youtube started has spiraled into something much different. While many amateur filmmakers do use Youtube for recognition, there is an ever increasing amount of junk on Youtube.

Before Youtube, filmmakers with little resources (most amateur filmmakers) would be out of luck trying to host their videos online and find a global audience. However, just as those filmmakers now take advantage of the resources Youtube has to offer, so do other media creators with ill intent. Youtube has become a home to junk- Videos that promote other websites or are overloaded with links to other webpages or inappropriate videos that violate the Youtube terms of use.

Youtube was once a fun website to prowl through. You could spend a few minutes and find amateur newscasters, comics, and always something interesting. Now, in order to get to those videos users must sift through trash and content that they don’t want to see. There are videos full of swears, nudity, violence, and illegal drug use. Youtube lacks a feature similar to Google’s “Safesearch.” While Youtube does eventually find these videos and either remove them or put a warning on them telling users they contain content suitable only for those age 18+, this often happens after they have been hosted by Youtube for months. Youtube is simply unable to keep up with the massive amount of content being uploaded on a daily basis. Another big problem Youtube faces is in hosting copyrighted content. It is true that users have to assume full ownership of any video before uploading it to Youtube, but it takes Youtube too long to find copyrighted content and remove it.

The very features that make Youtube a wonderful resource and tool for millions to use, are also leading to its demise. The ability to upload videos to the internet for free in an instant without any delay is definitely remarkable, but unfortunately there exist people who exploit this. If Youtube were to instate an upload limit, a “Premium Subscription” model, or even a process of reviewing footage before it is published the problem would be solved, however many more issues would probably arise. Whatever the solution, the problem exists and stands to be solved. In order for Youtube to become more user friendly and a safer website to visit, it must undergo some change.

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