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Windows 7 Tips and Tricks the Shake Feature

Microsoft first presented Aero Shake in a 2008 press conference to announce the new features of Windows 7. ‘Within Windows’ author, Rafael Rivera, was the person to originally discover this new feature.

No mention of Aero Shake was in the Beta Guide to Windows 7 by Microsoft, however, the company did state that Aero Shake was included when Riviera uncovered it. Why Aero Shake was originally not listed in the Windows 7 Beta Guide is not known.

Aero Shake in Windows 7 is a new feature that is designed to minimize various windows that are open in the background. The window that you are working with will not be affected.

Although it does not take up an extensive amount of time to minimize background windows manually, it can cut out a few seconds of your computer time by using this feature.

Multitasking is not original when it comes to using computers today, and a lot of people who have to use computers as part of their occupation will most likely need to multitask. Aero Shake will be useful in this situation.

To use the Shake feature, just click on the top pane of one of the open windows that are not maximized, and shake the arrow rapidly from left to right. The other windows in the background will minimize. If you repeat the same motion again, then you will reverse the effect, and your windows will reinstate.

The Aero Shake feature can also be disabled if a computer user wishes. Please note that it involves using and editing the registry. If you are not an advanced computer user, then it is advised to not disable this feature, as this is the only procedure to disable Aero Shake.

First, navigate to the Search field in your Start menu.

Type regedit.exe in the field.

Make your way to this registry key: HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwarePoliciesMicrosoftWindows.

Right click the registry key to create a new key which is called Explorer.

A new 32-bit DWORD needs to be created. Right click on the right hand side and enter the following:

• In the Name column, enter: NoWindowMinimizingShortcuts.

• In the Value column, enter: 1.

When this has been completed, exit out of the registry and reboot or log off for the changes to take effect.

If you are running either Windows XP or Windows Vista, you can still use the Aero Shake feature by installing it on one of those two versions of Windows. You can download a portable version from this website: http://www.askvg.com/get-windows-7-aero-shake-feature-in-windows-xp-and-vista/. It is an executable file and will only require one click to automatically install.

Aero Shake can also be used without the use of a mouse or scroll pad. Press the Windows and the Home key simultaneously to use the Aero Shake feature this way. This is especially useful if you own a laptop, as it has been proven to be very difficult to use Aero Shake with a scroll pad.

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