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Why Tumblr has made Facebook integration easier

The news is that Tumblr will make it easier for subscribers to add their blog posts to their Facebook Timeline, News Feed and Ticker when they chose “send to Facebook.”

The Tumblr post’s likes and replies can also appear on Facebook if desired. Once added to the Facebook Timeline, the Tumblr posts will be easy to manage and view because they will be grouped together, like Pinterest posts, Spotify songs and Foresquare checkins.

Why is Tumblr important? According to Techie Buzz, Tumbler is bringing in about 20 billion page views a month for 50 billion blogs. Like Pinterest, Tumbler is now a major player in the social networking wars and is now big enough to draw more viewers from Facebook.

It is easy to connect a Tumbler account to Facebook:

Tumblr users who never hooked up with Facebook can go to “Blog Settings” and check the option “Share posts on your Timeline”.

The Facebook login page will come up. Click on “allow” to give permission.

Go back to Blog settings at Tumbler and scroll down. There you will see new options, including one where you decide which Facebook pages to sent posts to.

Those who already have Tumblr linked to Facebook will get an automatic notification that says, “We’ve improved Facebook sharing. Upgrade now.” Just follow the steps to upgrading and the task is done!

After the link is set up, there are several customizing features. The Tumbler subscriber can choose which posts end up on their Facebook timeline.Tumbler subscribers can also choose whether to share the post’s replies and likes on their Facebook Timeline.

Why link up with Facebook? Doing business is a topmost reason. Some businesses that use Facebook’s Open Graph apps are saying that the traffic from Facebook is getting better over time.

But, some people want their activity compartmentalized between social networking sites and want nothing connected to their Facebook account. There is always the problem of thinking that one type of content (Tumblr blogs) is being shared, when information about friends and other people is also being spread around by Facebook.

Such concerns have come up about other social networking sites that have already linked up to Facebook, including Pinterest and Foresquare, so it is important to know exactly what is being given up when sharing between any site and Facebook, especially through Facebook apps. Be careful, and to use the settings in a way that maximizes personal and friend’s security, or try some other way of sharing between social networking sites and Facebook.

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