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Why some People Choose not to own a Mobile Phone

Mobile phones offer you the chance to stay in touch with other people whilst you’re on the go, which for busy people can be a very good thing, as they no longer have to worry about being away from their desk when they need to contact someone else. If their train is delayed they can let their boss know, or if they have to work long hours they can inform their partner by text. Plus, phones have so many additional features now that it is possible to keep yourself entertained for hours, playing various games, listening to music, or browsing the internet. However, some people prefer to resist the pervasiveness of technology, and so eschew the mobile phone, believing that if they managed to cope before the mobile went mainstream, it is possible to continue doing so without much difficulty.

Perhaps these individuals simply don’t have a lot of people to talk to, or rather people that they actually want to talk to. They may keep themselves to themselves, and prefer face-to-face contact with those that they are close to. If this is the case, these individuals may have a point, since many people find themselves sending silly texts to friends and family members that elicit one-word responses. People may communicate more, but this hasn’t necessarily improved the quality of these interactions.

It is not unusual for individuals to be sitting on a train shouting down their phone, disrupting other passengers’ peace and quiet, whilst there are people who will do all they can to avoid making eye contact or talking with ‘real’ people, instead preferring to play games on their phone or to send text messages. This is hardly indicative of a friendly society, where individuals actually enjoy communicating with others.

There are people who don’t own mobile phones because they don’t believe that they are likely to get into an accident, as they don’t do anything dangerous or go far enough away from home to encounter any problems, nor do they see the point in being accessible to all people at all times. Anybody important will know their home phone number and where they live if they really want to get in contact. Owning a mobile phone makes it more difficult to avoid people, and if you don’t particularly care to hear your manager telling you that he wants you to do some overtime it is easier not to own a mobile phone in the first place. At home you can just ignore the ringing phone, but you can’t exactly pretend you weren’t in when your mobile goes off!

There are few people today who don’t own a mobile phone, but there are still those who don’t see the point, and if they have managed for this long without one, it is hard to imagine their life being enhanced by finally getting round to buying one.

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