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Why is Texting so Popular

I personally think text messaging is so popular because of a few reasons.

1. It’s quick and simple
2. It’s cheaper than making a phone call
3. It’s a more discrete form of communication.

So to describe the 3 reasons to ya:

Quick and Simple:
Sending a text is simple. Open the persons name, send them a simple message then sit back and wait for a response. It’s easy, no listening to a phone ring, No fussing with voice mail services. You can get your message out within seconds let alone having to dial the number, wait for them to pick up if they even do. Then going through the voice mail system, leaving a message. And all the other junk involved. Texting is simple and fast.

Cheaper than phone calls:
Most providers these days are offering unlimited texting plans for cheap cheap prices. Meaning you can send and receive as many as you can handle. And it’s cheap. No watching minute usage, no fear of going over and getting charged. Providing you have the unlimited plan. And yeah. Most companies these days offer unlimited texting from $10/mo to $15/mo.

More discrete form of contact:
If you want to send someone a quick hello. You can do it without really bothering anyone. If you need to talk about something you don’t want other people hearing. Texting helps in privacy. The whole thing about ‘it’s not that personal or private’. Most phone companies will record a log of texts for what I call a ‘just in case’ purpose. If you every got threatened or harassed. You have proof through the company that it happend in word format. It’s more reliable to prove things with a recorded text than it is to blame someone for saying something to you over the phone. And most companies will stop recording your texts if you simple request them too. As long as you are the only one on the account and you are the soul account holder. Parents monitoring their kids through their texts. I don’t see a problem with. I like the fact that parents are beginning to step in again and keep an eye on their kids.

They give them so much freedom till they break the trust. Kids lie. Recording texts is a great way to tell if their lying about something serious, or make sure something bad isn’t about to happen to them. I love the idea.

Now texting while driving. That’s a no-no. I don’t care how well you think you can drive and text. Don’t do it. When behind the wheel. Your job is to be driving and controlling the car. Not your phone. Texts can wait. Or if you have a passenger. Simply have them do the texting for you. Since they aren’t the ones who have to focus on the road.

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