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Where can i Read about Line6 Products

Line6.com provides amplifiers, effects and computer music products for its consumers. Line6 is the maker of such popular items as the Spider amplifier, PODFarm, and the GuitarPort USB computer device.


The Line6 website is well designed and easy for the user to navigate. At the top you will find links to products, support, news, community, downloads and artists. New items from the company are displayed in the middle of the page. You can keep up to date with Line6 by subscribing to a number of their social bookmarks.

The hart of the site is the Line6 products and once you click into the product section you will find a listing of all the Line6 items in their current catalog. The scrolling menu used to navigate to a particular product is quite sensitive and it might take you a few tries to land on the item you want to look at. I would prefer a standard drop down box but that is what I prefer to the fancier linking systems.

The product page is pretty standard for a musical instrument company with a link to where you can buy the item, product manual, and software downloads for the product if applicable. It would be nice to see some videos of the product in action since it is so hard to judge the quality for just a technical sheet of information. You will find a few videos and sound clips scattered around the site but a central location would be ideal. I think this would improve the site immensely and even give Line6 some sales. I have found large video sections on other musical product sites.

Despite the lack of videos the site is still very good and provides the information a player needs about the Line6 products. Their forums need a lot of work with no central forum to go to. You have to click one page for the main topics and then another page to get to the sections of the main topic before reading about what you want. Just make a whole forum it would be easier than constant clicking which is annoying. Also when to try and get to the forum it loads a bunch of junk which makes the page load slow with a great big YouTube video stuck in the middle of the page.


Line6 provides a decent website for its users. The site could use more videos about its products that can be accessed from a main video link. The site needs to clean up the awful forum design which looks like it was designed by a 16-year-old.

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