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Where can i Read about ESP Guitars

ESP makes guitars and basses that are played by many of today’s top hard rock and heavy metal players. These guitars are well suited for a harder sound and are a favorite of player such as Kirk Hammett and Jeff Hannerman.


On the site you will find product descriptions through the guitars page. Each model is featured with a large full-color picture and model specifications. Many artist signature series guitars are also featured. I found the descriptions to be a bit lacking and it would be nicer to see larger photographs including the back and sides of the guitars described. The bass section is done in a similar style. The information is helpful but it could be more thorough.

The site features a custom shop where you can use a custom request form and have a guitar designed for your specific needs. This feature is only available to USA and Canada customers however. This is a very cool feature for guitar and bass players. ESP will get back to you with a quote for your new guitar within a few days. You can view the custom gallery to see some of the guitars previously made.

The news section will keep you up to date with new models that are being produced and includes sample pictures. The reviews section features some of the guitars and basses reviews in magazines but the section doesn’t contain many reviews at all. You can use the website to search for a dealer by country and through online dealers.

The artist page is very good with a large number of ESP players featured. You can even view videos of many of the artists featured. Many artists feature a link to their official website too. You will find many informative videos here. It is good to see more guitar sites including videos with their graphics and text.

You can find product support on the site and download a set-up manual for your guitar that explains different pickups, bridges, and tuning pegs. This is very helpful for players who have those sensitive locking tremolo systems installed. Other features include contests you can enter to win ESP guitars, forum and a place where you can buy ESP apparel.


ESP guitars has developed a good website for the user of their products, the artist videos were very cool as was the downloadable set-up manual. I do wish that there was more information and pictures included with each guitar description as this would make the site even better.

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