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When should i Sell my Computer

Like anything in this world, there are times we have to say goodbye to them. This holds true for a computer. You got a newer model and you feel that your old computer is just something that is taking up space. And so, you decided to sell it to earn some extra cash. Here are some good reasons when you should sell your old computer.

1. When you need to run a software that requires a newer operating system that cannot be run on your computer.

When you need to use a particular software to solve some problems or to perform specific tasks and the software can only be run under an newer operating system that does run on your computer, you will have to purchase a new computer. You may also need the software to run a specific file that you was given and sent personally to you.

2. When you need some extra cash and you no longer need the computer.

There may come a time that you need some extra cash and the only thing you really can sell is your computer. You may use a computer at a library on any public areas with computers until your financial situation permits you to purchase a new one. If you computer has historical significances, you may be able to find buyers for it. For example, you computer may be the first computer of its kind or a best seller at one time. A great example of such computer is the Commodore C64.

3. When you computer no longer serves you as well as before.

Computer technology changes as the years go by. If you find that you cannot catch up with other people because the speed of your computer is already a laughing stock, it is time to sell of to someone who does not mind using a slower computer. A person who only uses a computer for simple tasks like word processing and spreadsheet programming may contented be with a simple and slower computer.

4. When you are migrating to a new country.

You may want to sell off your computer to someone in your original country before moving to live in a new land. This is because, it can be cheaper to buy a new one in your new country than to ship your current one to it. It can be faster if you purchase your computer in your new country than to wait for the shipment of your present computer.

5. When you are returning to your home country.

If you are a foreigner or a foreign student who owns a computer, you may want to sell it before returning to your home country for good. This is especially when it is cheaper to buy the computer in your home country.

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