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What is True Myspace Friendship

I have over a hundred “friends” on MySpace and most are not what I would consider true friends. About half are musicians that I will never have a chance to talk to, let alone become friends with them. The term friend does not really apply to the celebrities on myspace. A better term would be fans.

Here’s a thought. Myspace should allow us to use different terms for the people that we add to our “friends” list. They should have categories for friends, acquaintances, and fans. This way we can better know who is who in our friends lists.

Obviously, our real friends would go under our friends group, which makes sense. People, who are not friends but occasionally view our profiles or send us messages, would go under our acquaintances group. Celebrities and musicians would go under our fans group because they are neither friends nor acquaintances and should not be seen as such.

Out of the 50 or so non-musicians on my friends list, about half of them are acquaintances that rarely, if ever, actually send me a message or give me any clue that they are there, other than when they first sent me their friend request. Why do these people add us to their friends list if they never intend to ever talk to us? It seems rather illogical. If they are just doing it to get a large number of friends so they can brag about it, why not just add celebrities, who do not care who adds them and it makes them more of a bragging point that as regular people?

I also have a few friends on my friends list that do write to me infrequently, like every several weeks or months. They claim that they are my friends but how can they be busy for so long that they are unable to send messages, even in response to messages that I send them? What is even funnier about these friends is that they claim to be too busy to write to me but I see them logged on to myspace every day for hours at a time. If they are too busy to write, they should also be too busy to log on to myspace.

There is also the problem of spammers. They usually have sexy photos and act like they want to get to know you, even though they do not even know who you are. Spammers are everywhere and, to most of us, we have grown to accept their existence and to ban them whenever we can. For us, it is that a big problem.

However, many people do not know any better and are lonely, so they accept spammers as friends. They might get very happy and excited that so many people are adding them as friends until they find out that they are spammers and don’t really care about them. I am sure that this would be devastating to people who are trusting and have social problems. This is a dangerous combination for people like this.

In closing, in my opinion, true friends on MySpace are just that – true friends. True friends will talk to you frequently and be there when you need them. They won’t hide behind the excuse that they are too busy when they are not. They will tell you when they will not be there, so you can trust that you will know where they are and understand why they aren’t there at the moment. Of course, they won’t be there every day but, when they said they are going to be there, they are.

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