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What is the Sony Playstation Phone

As the world of electronic integration keeps marching on, Sony’s seemingly powerhouse partnership with Google continues to prove that we could be on the verge of some fantastic new pieces of hardware. With Google TV just hitting shelves, we are already looking forward to the next game changer, enter the PlayStation Phone. A sexy piece of hardware which features a 3.7” to 4.1” touchscreen, a slide out keyboard which features your PSP Go control scheme, and even a small touchpad. Engadget reported images that have leaked from Sony picturing the device, which you can view here. With this new product on the horizon, the industry is abuzz with talk of taking back market share from the iPhone, which holds a 19% share of the mobile gaming market.

This fabulous piece of Sony Ericsson hardware is rumored to feature Google’s Android 3.0, dubbed affectionately ‘Gingerbread’. Although chances are the actual version number may drop to 2.3 or 2.5, the name is authentic. Google has expressed a release date of late 2010, but more realistically early 2011, which means the PlayStation Phone will follow shortly there after. With a ton of much needed UI improvements, a stronger focus on video chat, and a renewed emphasis on appeal, Android 3.0 looks to be a huge jump from the 2.2 we have been accustomed to. The streaming apps and widgets as well as overall better functionality that iOS is nice, so it is time to begin to sexify this powerful mobile OS.

Sony and Google will also partner to piggy-back a mobile Game Store on top of the traditional App store we have all become accustomed to. Through the Game Store you will have access to download the latest mobile games for your new, phone ready, PSP. With Google expressing an interest to start muscling into the behemoth Gaming Market, Sony is the perfect partner for Google to work with to begin saturating the market with their products and services, as well as offer trustworthy hardware. After Android Head, Andy Rubin, expressed how Google is gobbling up gaming and social media sites, soon they will be releasing a sea of games to anticipatory new gamers and start making their mark in an area that could use a breath of fresh air. Especially on Android OS.

The Sony PlayStation Phone looks to be a market shaker by far. If nothing else, everyone will be looking to see more and more details about what could be another cornerstone to a powerful corporate relationship that could release some of the best and brightest products for years to come. If Android’s new release can offer a bit more UI controls, and a sexier interface, then we all win. Except Apple, they lose.

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