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What is the best way to Promote your Work Online – Blog

The internet is, by far, the most efficient and useful way to get one’s ideas out to millions of people without even leaving one’s home. There are many different options for venues through which a person can promote their content and ideas on the internet, and each has its advantages. But when one is choosing where to market one’s ideas, which option would be the best to choose? Blogs, as an option, have several advantages over websites in this battle for best internet marketing method.

1. Cost

For the most part, there are more sites through which one can get a blog for free. Sites such as Blogger and WordPress offer organizational services and templates for a free membership. Websites will often incur costs such as domain names and personalized URLs. Blogs, on the other hand, are usually free. One of the biggest concerns when first marketing one’s work online is an issue of cost. If one chooses a blog over a website, one is likely to not have to spend any money out of pocket.

2. Versatility

Websites are mainly associated with companies, while blogs are mainly associated with individuals. Because of this distinction, people are liable to expect different things from a website than they would from a blog. Websites tend to follow a set format with typical pages built in and only certain information is expected to be shared. Expectations from a blog are more lax, making it possible for blog creators to include whatever they consider is important to them and their particular work.

3. Personal touch

Since blogs are more associated with individuals, they tend to be more personal than websites. A website may be a good tool to market a product, but a blog is a good tool to use when marketing a specific product, unique to a particular blogger. Blogs have the connotation of being diaries or personal journals, so if a reader approaches a blog as opposed to a website, they are expecting more of a personal touch. The platform of a blog allows one to present one’s readers with that personal touch, creating diary entries or personal testimonies to foster a reader-blogger relationship.

4. Interaction

As a result of the personal touch found in blogs, and the platform in which a blog is created, it is much easier for bloggers to correspond and get feedback from their readers than it would be on a website. While there is often a guestbook located on a website, blogs have a tool that allows comments on particular entries. This, then, creates an easier flow of ideas, feedback, and conversation between readers and bloggers. When there is increased conversation between readers and bloggers, it may ensure more traffic to the blog.

While websites and blogs are both useful tools for marketing one’s ideas and work, a blog has certain advantages that a website simply can’t match.

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