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What is the best Data Recovery Software

Many people know the feeling of having just deleted the one picture, document or file they really needed for their presentation tomorrow, or that they simply wanted to keep because it reminded them of something positive. If the file is really not gone from your recycle bin, there still is hope. Different programs nowadays offer the alternative of restoring deleted files. Below I shall discuss what file recovery actually is, how to get the best results and what data recovery software is the best.

Data recovery: an introduction
When you delete a file, it does not really get deleted. Sure, space is “freed” up by your computer whenever you empty the recycle bin, but that space is not actually freed up before a new file replaces the parts of the hard drive where the old file used to be located. This means that until the sectors where the file(s) you wish to recover are replaced by new data, data recovery is possible.

What this means is that for data recovery to be possible, it should preferably be done relatively quickly after the original file is deleted. If you wait, chances are you lose the ability to recover the file(s). Ultimately this means that you have to know you deleted a file you want to keep and you have to realize what you did quickly after it happens.

It also means, however, that it is difficult to recover files that once were on the drive you have your operating system on. The reason is that operating systems keeps moving files around and by the time you try to recover your files, they are likely already overwritten by the system.

A final implication of this problem is that recovery software cannot be downloaded to the drive you wish to recover files from. Recovered files, furthermore, MUST also be saved to another drive than they were originally on for the very same reason. Any storage of new files on the drive could cause problems you can’t get around when you attempt to recover files.

What data recovery software works the best?
There are many different types of software that claims to do data recovery. Some of these programs are quite expensive and others are available for free. For most ordinary users, the freeware is just as good as the more expensive alternatives. For professional companies (that don’t put enough money into back-up systems) where a lost file can cost a lot of money, paying can seem like a reasonable alternative.

Recuva is one of the best free programs available on the internet. The program can restore files deleted from the recycle bin, but it also does a good job recovering files deleted by viruses or bugs. If you deleted a picture from your digital camera, moreover, Recuva helps you get it back. The program is highly recommended.

Download Recuva here:

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