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What is Html Internet Basics the Internet Computers Website Creation how to Make a Website

HTML has the ability to confuse and puzzle a great number of people. Very few understand what it actually is and what is does. The reality is that it is not that confusing to understand. Learn the basics and find out what HTML really is.

Think of HTML as the computers language. This language has been created to allow the creation of websites. Any person with an Internet connection is able to view these websites. HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language.

HTML is made up of codes that are typed into a text file. These are done by the website admin and are called tags. The text itself will be saved as a HTML file and is viewed through a browser. Internet Explorer is a common browser through which people can view websites.

The browser translated HTML so that you can view the text. You are also able to write your own HTML. Some people would like to use a text or graphical editor to create HTML pages. There are many easy beginners’ tools that are available.

The function of tags is mainly to separate text from HTML code. You will often see such words that are placed in between angle brackets. This will allow text, images and tables to be displayed. The admin will tell your browser what to deliver to your page.

The angle brackets will also show effects too. If you want to show some text in bold you will apply the following:

Writing is in bold and this part will not be.

The tag means that any text in between the two angle brackets will be in bold. You can also write it in Italics.

Learning the basics of HTML will take some time. For some it can take a whole day to learn codes while others may need a few days. Once you know the tags you are ready to start creating HTML pages.

Remember just because you know basic HTML doesn’t mean that you will be able to make a god website. In order to make a better designed website you will need to learn more about designing. By learning basic HTML tags you can vastly improve your website though.

The best way for you to improve your website will be to learn all aspects of website creation. HTML is one aspect and a very useful one to know about. HTML is modified every now and then by companies so it is improving over time. It is also becoming more and more accessible for beginners and those who are somewhat familiar with the concept.

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