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What are some Safe Shopping Sites to use

The Internet has been around for quite awhile, thus resulting in possibly a billion websites. Which equals a way for thieves and frauds to go unnoticed, and buyers being ripped off to also go unnoticed. Nearly half of those websites are shopping sites of some sort, some are being directed by petty cheats who are only trying to rip you off rather than deliver your product successfully. Luckily there are still quite a few sites like eBay, some might question “How is eBay safe?” but the answer to that is easy. With the new paypal paying process, you won’t have to think twice about giving your credit card number out because it’s assured that it’s safe by the company itself and the buyers. Also, eBay has a wide variety of goods, from handbags to car engines, and cars themselves. Another good site is Yoox, which is best known for their wide range of authentic designer items. Designer items probably being the easiest to rip you off because sometimes even experts can’t tell a fake Louis Vuitton bag from a real one. It is best to stick by the large and well known on-line retailers or do a quick background check on the site you’re interested in. Yoox features a weekly comment from satisfied buyers and has over 100 designers to choose from, even though their pieces are a bit pricey you know that you’re getting the real thing.

Now to sum it all up, my list of safe places to shop online would definitely be (as mentioned before) eBay, Yoox, Overstock.com, and Amazon. Having bought from these places numerous times, I can assure you that they are very trustworthy. I’d suggest not buying used things from Amazon mostly because I am not familiar with buying anything used on the site. As a side note to my recommendation for eBay, one of the things to definitely keep an eye out for is the number of positive feedback that the eBayer that you’re going to purchase from has. This will also shield you from unsuccessful transactions and credit-fraud. Usually if the eBayer’s positive feedback is less than %98 I’d suggest moving onto another eBayer. To add the to list of suggestions, there are also numerous well known department stores like Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdales, Nordstrom, which all have safe online stores. In the long run you’ll realize that the good sites definitely outnumber the frauds! Have a safe online shopping trip.

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