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Websites for Haiku Poets

For those who write haiku, there are plenty of places on the web to find information, markets, and fellow haiku poets. Some online resources for haiku poets include:

• Haiku Society of America

The HSA is a nonprofit group set up to “promote the writing and appreciation of haiku in English.” Frogpond is the HSA’s haiku journal, published three times a year, and all members receive a subscription. Dues are $33 per year and they also include quarterly newsletters as well as any additional supplemental publications. (Students and seniors can join for $30.)

• The Haiku Foundation

The Haiku Foundation is also a nonprofit organization, but there are no membership fees. The foundation’s website hosts many resources for both the haiku poet and the haiku reader. There is the site’s blog, troutswirl; the ever-growing Haiku Bibliography, compiled by Charles Trumbull; and the Haiku Now! Contest 2010 (which will likely become an annual competition).

There is also plenty of haiku to be found on the site. For older work, click on “THF Haiku Archives” under the Publications heading.

• Millikin University Haiku

Randy Brooks is a professor at Millikin University and the editor of Mayfly. On the Millikin University Haiku page, you can find haiku written by Millikin students (some of which has been published in journals like Modern Haiku and Acorn), a list of many haiku magazines (including links and brief guidelines), and many haiku-related articles, like poet profiles, poet comparisons, and essays on haiku.

• Shadow Poetry

Shadow Poetry has several pages of interest to haiku poets. There is a brief definition of haiku and senryu, an article about haiku basics, some examples of good haiku, and a short biography of Matsuo Basho. There’s also a page with links to other haiku resources.

To get to the haiku pages, click on Resources and then Haiku Guide. The different pages are listed across the top of the screen, above the title of the current page.

• haikuworld

haikuworld is a website that “exists to help publishers, poets, and readers discover one another.” You can find links to haiku journals, reviews of books of haiku, and information on a haiku kukai. There are also some past articles, including “Ten Tips for Writing Haiku” by Michael Dylan Welch.

• Blogging Along Tobacco Road

Tobacco Road is Curtis Dunlap’s blog, where he posts his “Three Questions” series of interviews with haiku poets. He also posts occasional submission guidelines for haiku magazines or websites and information about upcoming contests. Using the link on the right side of the page, you can subscribe to new posts by email.

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