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Websites for Geology and Geologists

Geology, the study of the Earth, is one of the hard sciences that a lot of people find interesting. There are many online resources for those who would like to find out more about geology. Some of them include:

~ Geology.com
This website contains an abundance of geological information, including a definition of geology, geology news, and plenty of global maps and satellite images. There is an interesting article on detecting buried faults.

The U.S. Geological Survey maintains relevant geological data on their Geology Research and Information Page. You can find almost anything here – even real-time earthquake data. And if you have a question that you can’t find an answer to, ask a geologist.

~ Rocks for Kids
Rocks for Kids is a neat site for youngsters interested in geology. It contains many resources, including an index of rock pictures.

~ NationalAtlas.gov’s Geology Page
Here you will find a good overview of the science of geology (a good reference for those new to the field). There are also other resources to be found, such as a map of dynamic volcanoes.

~ GeologyNews.net
This site offers timely and relevant geological news. They keep their news articles archived, so you can search for news all the way back to August 2006. If you have your own website, you can use their news feeds feature to display news articles your site.

~ GeologyRocks
GeologyRocks is a British-based website full of geological content. It’s a great site for beginners, offering a wide range of tutorials on all sorts of subjects. There is also a glossary, a community of forums, and a shop where you can buy books, DVDs, and even geological equipment.

~ Earthmaps
If you happen to be a geology or science teacher, Earthmaps.com has two elementary school geology exercises on its website – one for igneous rocks and one for sedimentary rocks. The site also has a page of K-12 Learning Links where you can find more useful activities and information.

~ Geology Meetups
This is an interesting site where users can find groups of fellow geologists in their area. The page has a map of regional and local geological groups all around the world. Put in your zip code to find a group near you, or browse locations on the map. Clicking on a local group will take you to that group’s home page.

These sites should keep you immersed in geological information for a while. If you get bored, hop over to KidsGeo.com and test your skill with their “Who Am I?” rock game.

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