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Websites about Health and Weight Loss

Everydayhealth.com is a website which has many different health topics on it. The homepage has a nice layout to it with the navigation bar displayed at the top of the page. You will see on the homepage that there is a health news corner on the left handed side of the page. This displays the featured articles of the day. The articles may feature topics such as skin care tips, mental health care, and medical concerns. Next to this portion of the site is health topics from A-Z with a scroll bar, and also drugs A-Z with a scroll bar. You can click in at the top of these categories, and see all of the topics available on the site.

There is a personal health team link on this page which features a Jillian Michaels page with her subject for the week, specific diets, and Joy Bauer, who also has advice about losing weight, and exercises.

On the right handed side of the site is “Today’s Most Popular,” both news stories and discussions. This section has even more health articles and tips you can use to stay well. The Everyday Health Experts link, to the left of the Today’s Most Popular box, features a dental health expert, Dr. James Jacobs, and also “The Doctor is In.” There are health topics under Dr. Schuler’s column who is an emergency physician. If you click on this link, you will be able to get answers from this doctor by putting in certain information and answering questions about your symptoms. He will then tell you what may be wrong and whether you should seek treatment. This is one of the best features of the website.

The “Drugs A-Z ” category is also good. Simply click on the link at the top on the navigation bar, and it will take you to a page of some common drugs. If there is a particular drug you need to know about, you can type it in under the search for drugs box, and it will take you to pages of information about your drug, the possible side effects, and the conditions it is used for.

“Food and Fitness,” is another excellent part of this website. Within this site, there is a calorie counter which you have to be logged in in order to use it, a weight tracker, tips for getting inspired to lose your weight, finding the right foods, a fitness category, and groups you may join on the site where you may find support. Under the health tools link, there is more you may use such as the body mass index calculator, basal metabolic rate calculator, a recipe box, and many more helpful tools.

To get the full use out of everydayhealth.com, you should register first. Then all of the tools will be at your fingertips. This site is very easy to navigate, and doesn’t seem to have any pop-up ads.

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