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Websites about Cancer

Living-healthy-cancer-free.com is a website that was created in memory of a lady who lost her life due to stomach cancer. The purpose of this site, is to make you aware of the types of cancers, how they are treated, your wellness, and more. This website was nicely designed on a yellow-colored background, and the heading at the top is very nicely done with a sunset in the background, and purple colors under that image. The navigation bar is on the left-handed side of the page, and the homepage has a picture of the woman who died, and a nice introduction to this website.

There are a lot of great topics on this website to look at and study. You will see that there is a GTK-wear store, where there are cancer t-shirts for sale. In the sales, 20% of the money goes to fight cancer. They will also do custom orders for another small fee. There are also unisex caps and cinch packs as well.

On the navigation bar, you will see where there are links about cancer information. The first link talks about types of cancers, and what they are. The author also covers which types of people are likely to get certain types of cancers, as well as causes of cancers, and some curious facts. Within this same page where types of cancers are being discussed, you will find a few inspirational stories of other people who have had personal battles with cancer.

The “Healthy Living” section is interesting too. In this section, you will find articles about alternative medicine, tips about living healthfully to avoid cancer, and some healthy recipes. If you click on the links in the free healthy recipe section, you will find a few healthy recipes which you may use for lunches or dinner. In another place, there is a link to healthy foods, what makes them healthy, and how they may work to fight against cancer in the body. There are also some good basic ideas for eating healthier by avoiding certain types of foods altogether.

The “About Your Food,” section is one that has articles all about organic foods and wellness, and the dangers of engineered foods. The article about creating a compost pile and starting your own vegetable garden is covered in detail here. The author points out that by using certain types of wastes, how it nourishes the soil and therefore, helps you create a garden that will be very productive.

Cancer events are also listed on this site. All of the links to these events work well as well as all other links in the site.

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