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Website Reviews Powerpets

Powerpets (www.powerpets.com) is a great virtual pet website that is suitable and fun for all ages and abilities. The best and most reassuring thing about this site is it safe for children while still being fun. There are even parental controls so that the younger children can be kept safe on the site.

Their goal is to educate people about animals and while taking care of the virtual pets, at the same time is also teaches responsibility.

The owners of Powerpets are in the process of opening up their own animal shelter called the Pet Adoption World – but this is a shelter with difference. This is a shelter that will hold animals that would otherwise be destroyed by other shelters. And this home will either be temporary or permanent, depending on if and when the animals are adopted.

The site is good for children as minors are blocked from all parts of the site that they could give out personal information unless their parents/guardians send in {by mail or, not email so it would be almost impossible for a child to do this themselves} a parental consent form. Even when this is done, the parent or guardian would still have parental controls to limit what can be seen and used on the site.

This site is also good fun for adults as there are boards to talk on, and even an over 21s club called PoCo 21. This is restricted to over 21s only, which means more mature topics. A very large amount of the site is adults, and it’s a good place to make very good friends.

The site makes every effort to keep improving the site and making it an enjoyable place to be. They are always updating the site, releasing new things for your pets to eat and play with, releasing new colours you can ‘wash’ your pets in, new games for you to play on, and much more.

The Powerpets staff are also very visible, fair and friendly on the boards and are very friendly – often giving people many chances to redeem themselves after breaking the basic rules of the site.

I myself have played on many online virtual pet sites – some good, some not so good, but overall, powerpets.com is the best and safest of them all.

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