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Website Reviews Flickchartcom

Have you ever had someone ask you what your favorite movie was and you froze? The problem is that while it is possible to say whether you like a movie or not it isn’t always easy to rank them, and the typical five star system isn’t actually all that useful because you can have two five star movies and one is considerable better than the other. Flickchart is one of the best ways I have found to discover what really are your favorite movies even if you don’t think you know yourself.

Flickchart is at its heart a movie ranking website, but it is far more interesting than any of the others that I have seen and makes me want to rank them far longer. The way it does this is by putting up two random movies (or less random if you prefer as you can sort by genre or cast) and all you have to do is say which is better. For example when I started I got the movie Superbad and yes man matched up. If you have seen both movies you simply click on the one you prefer. Under each movie is a button that says haven’t seen it, and between is a button that says you haven’t seen either. Marking a movie as one you haven’t seen will make it come up only very rarely.

As you rate movies you will begin to rank them. At first these rankings are going to be more or less all over the place because if you’ve only ranked ten movies all ten are going to be in your top ten but pretty soon you’ll start to get real rankings of which movies you like the best.

There are a number of fun thing to do with this. One of the best is to look at your friends lists because it gives you a chance to see that they have some movie in their top ten that you have never seen, or it may just tell you what movie you both love for the next movie night.

Another valuable think it keeps track of is the most popular movies that you haven’t seen. If you go into your profile it will show you based on overall rank the movies you haven’t seen. You can click i’ve seen it if you have, and rank it or simply know what you’re missing out on. You can also start discussions based on movie match ups.

If you love movies and want to find a more accurate listings of what other people, or even you yourself think of them then flickchart is a great way to do it.

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