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Website Reviews Enturbulationorg

If you been living in a cave the last month or so you have probably missed this, but Anonymous (a supposed group of Internet hackers) haven taken up the fight against the church of Scientology. And the website Enturbulation.org is one of the main sites of anonymous and even though I am not a religious person and I don’t really do not believe in much (I am a young person), I do believe in this cause. I believe in free speech and I believe religion should be free. Scientology is not free and that makes this site appealing to me. I am aware any Scientology will frown upon what I am saying now and try to stop my voice to be heard, but the Internet is free and I can speak my mind without being censored.

Now over to the website itself as this is a website review and not a religious article. The website is very simply designed, but it works well for this site as it does for many other sites. Nothing have to be advanced to be good. The design has a vert calming feel to it which helps to boost the serious important feel the website is supposed to give. The main part of the website is the forum where Anonymous discuss most of what have to do with the war on the Church of Scientology. The fact is the site has over 9000 members (any Anonymous member will catch this reference) and it is in a very big growth still. The community is nice and friendly and I really wonder how long they will keep calling Anonymous terrorists or hackers.

To fully explain the concept of Enturbulation.org you will need to understand the concept of Anonymous. Every member in Anonymous is anonymous and you will not know who he or she is and that is the point. The reason this works well against a foe like Scientology is that they always aim to destroy individuals, but now they fight a group that stand and fight as once. Anonymous is not just hackers, there are hardly any hackers amongst Anonymous. And terrorists? Come on. Anonymous is the average man standing up for their beliefs in free speech and free religion. Anonymous does not forget and they do not forgive.

The website is a very serious looking site which generally add to the feel of anonymous not being the hackers they are suspected to be. The forum consist of a lot of mature people that are very helpful and educated. I do have my side in this struggle, but I do not say that people believing in Scientology are wrong. They should just not have to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to learn what they learn, but well. The website is nice and the community can answer any question you have about Scientology. A very good website.

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