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Website Reviews Chuck Wickscom

Chuck Wicks is a modern day success story in the world of country music. First breaking into the scene in the year of 2007, Chuck has released one album appropriately entitled “Starting Now” with some memorable songs including “Stealing Cinderella”, “She’s Gonna Hurt Somebody” and “Man Of The House”. While it has been reported that Chuck is planning a second album to be released in 2009, the majority of his time right now is spent with touring based on the success of his first studio album.

ChuckWicks.com is the official website of Chuck Wicks, and without a doubt, the site has played a crucial role in his commercial success in his short career so far. When you first visit the page, one of the first things you will notice are the seemingly countless ways of networking and interacting with Chuck Wicks including YouTube pages, MySpace pages, Facebook Pages, Twitter, Digital Rode, Bebo, iLike and many more. Needless to say, Chuck is without a doubt taking advantage of the Internet to increase his commercial fame, and rightfully so.

One of the first impressions you get on the website is the rapid rate as to which it is updated. The main page is filled with quite a bit of information separated into different subtitles on one page. These include “Tour” which has a basic list of tour information as to where Chuck will be appearing in the next few weeks,. The other section on the main page is “Latest News”, it is here where you will find all the latest information on Chuck directly on the first page without having to use the “News” button at the top of the page.

Once you have done browsing the main page, scroll back up slightly and you will notice a selection of buttons and titles at the top of the page. These include “News”, which gives a more detailed description of the News stub on the main page, “Tour”, which gives a more detailed description of Chuck’s tour dates, these include future dates, concerts and other appearances, “About”, which is where you can learn about Chuck and his music, “Multimedia”, where you can find Chuck Wicks related media, “Forum”, where you can interact with fellow Chuck enthusiasts, and much more.

Overall, I would say that the site certainly separates itself from other country music websites. Being a modern day singer, Chuck and his management have taken advantage of every popular networking and social networking fad that you can imagine, and this has without a shadow of a doubt played a key role in his success to date. The website itself is basic containing no fancy flash or shockwave players, and it gets straight to the point, which I believe works best.

If you are a fan of country music and are looking for a new and talented singer to the genre, one man you can not miss is Chuck Wicks, and the one website on the Internet to learn about him is over at his official website, chuckwicks.com.


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