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Website Review Whudfxupcom the Cost of Hip Language

Recently, the anti-smoking agency who commonly used “truth.com” as their ploy is now using the phrase, “whudfxup” which as young adults to grown ups that are familiar with the initial “f-word” can understand the ad’s slogan. As many commercials are being played to fight against smoking, they are taking their first amendment too far. If this anti-smoking agency is allowed to use subtle lettering for a extreme word then why are tv shows, movies, even music videos being edited?

Everyone has a right of free speech, but they also have free will. We choose to watch a certain program or listen to a certain music. What many fail to realize they have the option to continue listening or watching, changing the channel or station or just turning it off all together. Unfortunately, “Whudfxup” is a commercial that is played on every station possible that it is very difficult to get away from it. They are trying to get into peoples’ head about the danger of smoking; however, their target audience are grown adults. They should know already, if not, then consumers are uneducated.

One commercial that has been overplayed by formerly known as “truth.com” ad is the body bag scenario. A mass of people carry body bags to a cigarette company and pile them up. Another commercial was a group of people that fall dramatically to show how many cigarettes kill annually. It is ridiculous and most unnecessary. If they are allowed to push the envelope then why can’t a person hear “ass” on a movie or TV show? If this anti-smoking group can bluntly show body bags then the FDA should relieve some of their censored program regulations.

Many individuals see this ad as a way to protect children. If children are being sheltered more and more, life will be boring, corrupted and false. Children need to see reality and know it’s not all about cookies, baby dolls and super heroes. They must be educated by their parents of what is right and wrong. That is the parents’ job, not some commercial.

“Whudfxup” is trying to make a point, but they have crossed a line. Their slogan should be edited if not removed because it’s not fair to allow such a phrase. People know what they are doing and they choose to smoke. Our Constitution has allowed us to have various freedoms that not many countries have. Why allow this commercial, but not a minor phrase on tv? American society has become too protective, but also, lack equality, which really should make us think, “whudfxup”? *

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