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Ways to get your Account Suspended at Facebook

There are many ways to get your Facebook account suspended, I will give you some examples:

* Hacking other people’s accounts.
* Continuous flooding of messages in chat.
* Saying bad words to your online friends, by using either chat or mail system.

Actually, any violations in the “Terms and Agreements” will give you a warning, but if you keep doing it over and over again your account will be suspended. It may mean a 1 month suspension. Here are some more examples:

* Posting links and self promoting adverts is considered spam.
* Creating obvious multiple accounts.
* Reporting a player that didn’t do anything bad.
* Using Multiple accounts for games.
* Insulting other people.
* Using Facebook for advertising illegal items.

Any act you do that breaks a rule you will be automatically suspended. Trying to hack the admin of Facebook.

* Misuse of your wall.
* Trying to make a virus to corrupt Facebook.
* Making a group called Facebook suck stick to friendster and twitter.

After a first suspension you have your last warning, meaning second time you do something inappropriate you will get banned from Facebook, unless you make a new account, which also breaks the rules.

You can also get suspended when you cheat on games like Farmville, Restaurant city, Crazy planet, Monkey cursor, Jumping dog, Flying dog.

Another way your account may be be suspended is to use it for illegal transaction, such as using Facebook as an act of war against other people. 0000 you suck 0000 you suck 0000 you suck 0000 you suck 0000 you suck 0000

When really trying to get suspended, ask people who were already suspended if there is actually a group for them.

Try saying this to the admin ” )( 000 )( 000 )()( 000 )( 000 )()( 000 )( 000 )()( 000 )( 000 )()( 000 )( 000 )()( 000 )( 000 )at first he will just warn you not to spam or “I the admin of Facebook will be forced to erase your account permanently. This is will teach you how to be a master of getting banned

If you violate any terms in their terms agreement, they can and will terminate your account. This includes harassment and posting obscene material (nudity, gore, hate speech). It also says in the terms of service (TOS) that they can terminate your account for basically nothing, if they want to.

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