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Warship Iphone App Review

WarShip is an iPhone app that costs $1.99. When you first see this app, it may interest you if you like playing games involving wars waged over the seas. However, the price may put you off at almost $2. It’s easy to download the lite version first, and, if you like playing that, you can download the full version of WarShip.

The graphics are decent, although they could be improved. The 3D graphics could be a bit better because the contours or the lines are not that crisp, and that problem makes the graphics look cheap. However, the developer is to be commended for creating a game that has 3D graphics. The only thing for the developer to do in this regard is to try to make the components much clearer than they currently are. On a scale of one to 10, with 10 being the best, WarShip’s graphics earn an eight. The sound effects also add to the gameplay experience of the game. If you leave the sound turned off on your iPhone, it feels like the game is different. You do need to leave the sound on so that you can experience the gameplay fully.

The gameplay, however, is where WarShip really shines. The gameplay is quite smooth, and you may be surprised, thinking that the 3D graphics would present some technical problems, such as lagging or crashing. Fortunately, the gameplay is just fine. The controls are also great. The tilting function is interesting; but you may have preferred the controls to have been on-screen. However, the tilt controls are easy to use. There are other interesting features included that make the gameplay much more interactive. For instance, if one of the enemy warships drops some of its booty, you can take it. You can also upgrade the weapons to make your warships much more advanced. This can sometimes make the game very easy, although in most cases, the weapon upgrades match the enemies’ weapons upgrades. The enemy warships can also steal your stuff, so the game gets really interesting when your ship is holding a lot of things and those things start falling into the water. It becomes a free-for-all.

As you can see, WarShip’s gameplay is pretty exciting. The app is highly recommended because it is worth every penny.

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