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Using Google Docs with the new Chrome Browser

Using Google Docs with the new Chrome browser is very straightforward, quick and convenient but there are one or two glitches that may occur. However, Google Docs is a great document management tool, and users shouldn’t be too put off by a couple of disadvantages that can easily be got round.

If you want to create or share work online, then Google docs is an easy match for the more commonly used Microsoft Word, and mostly works effortlessly, speedily and more conveniently with the new Google Chrome browser. With the Google Docs tools at your fingertips you can easily create, modify, edit and quickly upload all sorts and forms of written text. What’s more, you can easily access them any time online, or share them. Google Chrome now has a nifty new toolbar button that lets you view PDF formats right in the browswer as well, which is great as you don’t even need to download them to your computer.

With the two programs together you can simply import existing documents or spreadsheets or presentations. You can also start new documents from scratch. When you are happy with your finished product, you can access or edit it from any location where there is Internet access and a computer with a browser. All the stored documents, letters,spreadsheets or presentations will be secure online, accessible with a password. If you want to modify your documents or read or share a collaborative PDF, then Google Chrome lets you do this in real time with the document reading extension.

If you are part of a department group working on a shared project, then you can send invitations to other participants to work on the document and it’s modifications together.The PDF Power Point Viewer is deservedly popular and Google are adding on more useful stuff like enabling previews of Word documents and also increasing the languages available to forty eight.

The PDF/PowerPoint extension can instantly open the PDF, PowerPoint, or TIFF file links that are clicked in te Google Docs Viewer. There is no longer any necessity to waste time and effort downloading files to the computer – it’s great to see them so quickly and clearly in Google Chrome.

There are one or two tiny glitches still, so hopefully Google is working on those. The copy and paste click facility doesn’t seem to like Chrome, but is still perfectly possible using the keys. There is another glitch that no-one can fix! It rarely happens, but it is annoying not to be able to work on your docs when the Internet drops suddenly. Obviously, some features such as page changes or modifications have to wait til the signal picks up. However, overall, this does not impair the overall speed, convenience and positive experience of using Google Docs with the new Chrome browser.

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