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Using Google Chrome with the Google Reader Extension

Using Google Chrome with the Google Reader extension is even better than using the new extension on Firefox or Internet Explorer because Chrome is so fast, uncluttered and sleek. The Google Reader extension adds a button to Chrome’s toolbar to help you keep up with favourite blogs, websites, online newspapers and journals.

If you are a blogger or publisher yourself, then you’ll want to keep updated with the latest stories and hot news so you can pass it on to your readers or clients. Marketers will be particularly interested in the new Google Reader notifier.

Once you have accessed the Google Reader extension from the Chrome Tools menu and extension gallery, the Reader installs in seconds. You will then see the Reader button up on your toolbar. It constantly trawls your favourite websites, journals, blogs and news sites and blogs for fresh content. Even if different sites update at different times such as daily or fortnightly, you won’t miss anything.Actually, you can be overwhelmed with more news thaqn you could ever read in one day, so one tip is to be very selective at first, and just pick a couple of your top sites to begin with.

Your experiences of reading in your new Google Reader should then be easy and simple as it shows all of your sites in just one accessible and convenient area. Mine is like my own personalized customised web inbox.With this extension it’s easy to uncover fresh content as millions of websites will publish daily feeds with the freshest updates, and Google’s integrated search makes it easy to find feeds with fresh content that might be interesting for your readers or yourself, and to share online with friends or family. Recommending useful articles is easy by using the links on the public pages with a click on the share icon. Adding a customised clip to your blog sidebar will show your latest shared item.

One great facility is the chance to read on the go on your phone or on igoogle, so you can see your updates. My gadget on a Blackberry Curve works fine and makes waiting rooms and public transport more bearable as you still feel up to date and connected.

You will be able to access Google Reader from any laptop or computer using online access to your account with your own password, even if you are on holiday, at home, or at work. Using Google Chrome as your main base is fast and efficient, and means you can keep up with all those favorite online magazine subscriptions so easily, it soon becomes second nature.

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