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Using Broadband Effectively are you up to Speed

Asking anyone today if they would prefer broadband over dialup service is like asking if you would prefer to drive a Shelby Ultimate Aero over a 1962 VW Bug. There is simply no comparison. Whether you use DSL, cable or wireless, the extra bandwidth is worth the price alone just for the sake of aggravation. How many times have you sat pulling our hair out waiting for a page to download using dialup? Or banged your head against the desk because the connection dropped and you had to reconnect?

In addition to saving time, the obvious benefit of using broadband is the ability to work and play faster. Most connect speeds run between 1 Million bits per second to 10 Million with 3 Million as a good starting point for movie downloads. However, a true test of the connection is can it keep up with how fast you think? This is vitally important because everything on the internet today moves with the speed of thought. Here are a few examples:

Online gaming: Can anyone imagine playing a multiplayer online game such as World of Warcraft or Call to Duty using dialup? Playing these games requires moving around a lot of data very quickly. You would not want to be in the middle of a battle scene using 56K. You just would not survive.

Instant messaging: IM is crucial for keep up with friends. Everything must happen in real time with no delays. Who would want to be conversing with someone and having to wait 5 to 10 seconds between exchanges? The key to instant messaging is the instant part. Without broadband this is not possible.

Internet phone: With services such as Skype, long distance is a thing of the past. You can talk with anyone, anywhere in the world for free with just a click of a mouse. Add a webcam and it is just like you are there.

Online entertainment: Everywhere entertainment is becoming on demand. Movies and TV shows can now be downloaded and watched on your computer or TV on your schedule, not someone else’s. This is important because it puts the whole world of entertainment at your fingertips. Also, you may contribute by adding you own perspective when creating and uploading videos to communities such as YouTube.

Employment: Thomas Friedman in his book, “The World is Flat,” writes that everyone will be competing for jobs with the whole world through the internet. No longer will people be employed by companies, but rather they will be independent contractors working on projects individually or in teams online. Those who can utilize the power of broadband to work with clients worldwide will be the ones with the jobs in the days ahead. In this case, broadband is not a luxury; it is a necessity.

It is obvious that the internet and the broadband which makes it flow is the key to staying inner connected with family, friends and coworkers. In fact, the difference between the haves and have-nots of the future, are those who know how to wield this power for social and financial purposes. So put away that Bug and get behind the wheel of the Ultimate Aero. Life is so much better in the fast lane.

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