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Using Bing to Find Destination Guides

Tourism is one of the things Bing does best. Bing Travel is that section of Bing that helps potential travelers plan their vacations. Bing is new, had its debut in May 28th, 2009 and is the latest Internet search engine. It is Google’s rival and the first serious sit-up-and-take-notice since Google first arrived on the scene. It is seemingly taking the world by storm. How does one plan a travel vacation via Bing?

Overall, booking a flight, making hotel reservations etc., is no different that doing so with any reputable search engine. You type in you destination and look at the offerings and the special plans and spend a little time researching and then compare and finally, when you’ve decided you fill in the proper forms, download your directions and your purchased reservations and that’s that. Bing goes further. It attempts to put your mind at ease by easing your most travel frustrations.

Microsoft, when first introducing Bing Travel – in an introductory news alert from Redmond, Washington in June, 2009 – shared some of their hopes for their new search methods. It’s as if Microsoft is reading travelers’ minds and helping them make smarter decisions. They do this by guessing what’s on web surfer’s minds as they move from one web site to another trying to get the best deals for their money.

Should I book a flight now or wait until the price falls; is this a good deal on a hotel or am I being taken; who has the best deals; how do I compare prices; how will I know when the my airline lowers their prices; where can I get more information, are a few built in stress relievers – supposedly – when you use Bing travel. Specifically, special built in technologies such as Price Indicators – Farecast – Rate Indicator, travel deals, comparison shop airlines and hotels worldwide, fare alerts are all part of the process of getting to where you want to go and with the best price available. In addition, their briefings are ongoing. You will be alerted by email, by columns and by blogs as to which airline is reducing prices, which country, which state, which amusement park has special deals. New adventures will probably be highlighted from time to time.

The actual planning of your vacation is best done at least six months in advance. This will give you time to acquaint yourself with Bing and its offerings, to take a few trial runs through their selections and get comfortable with the idea of traveling by way of Bing. A trial run might be something like this: You check into Bing. If you are unfamiliar you take a tour. If your time is limited you choose travel and bypass the other options such as maps, news, shopping, videos, visual searches and images. Although once you’ve decided you will probably come back to them later.

The travel options at first glance are all business. No gimmicks, no slick pictures, only choices. As you interact, your travel plan will begin to take shape. Understand you have decided nothing at this point; you are only planning your vacation. Relax and enjoy this and allow it to become a mini adventure in itself. As I said a few lines back, trial runs will put into the mood for serious travel arrangements, but who says an arm chair traveler cannot indulge in a little fantasy?

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