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Updating your Computer for new Daylight Savings Time Rules

Time Change, Changes

It used to be that people did their business during the daylight hours and spend home time after sun down. Then we invented cities, houses, and the concept of dividing time into hours, minutes, and seconds. Time is further divided into 10th of a second, a crucial measurement in sporting events such as the Olympics. Before time was segregated, it used to be day and night. Primitive man was one with the time, because he did not segregated time into rigid regiment. A friend of mine once quipped, “the longest day in Resolute is spring.” Resolute Bay is in northern Canada, high above the Arctic Circle.

When time zones were introduced and accepted, the concept of time became even more bizarre. Some time zones are straight vertical lines. At least they should be, but because of geopolitical realities they are not. Even the International Date Line zigzags.

US Time Change
President George W. Bush signed a legislation enacting a new time regime for the US in 2005. Time change will occur in the second Sunday in March and the first Sunday in November. Spring forward fall back still applies. The old time chance regimes, which were first Sunday in April and the last Sunday in October, are history. This time change applies to most of the jurisdictions in North America, which choose to partake.

Time regime in Canada
Canadian provinces and territories have the power to regulate their time regimes. Newfoundland is in the Atlantic Time Zone, only it isn’t. Newfoundland Standard Time and Daylight times are observed and are 3:30 behind the Coordinated Universal Time. Newfoundland time remains half an hour faster than the Atlantic Time Zone and clocks are adjusted at 12:01. Most of Saskatchewan remains in Central Standard Time all year around. Most provinces will synchronize to the US time change for commerce and trade considerations.

Some scientists or technologist were very concerned about the time change in the switch from 1999 to 2000. Some people were almost hysterical about “time based technology” was going to loose data, or crash. The theory was, things like micro-chips, computers, etc. would loose sense of time and malfunction. Some experts believed that the 00 of 2000, would be interpreted as 1900. This lead to chaos theory. Anything could have happened. We were lead to believe that passenger jets could drop out of the sky at midnight between 1999 and 2000. Happily nothing bad happened. Some experts say the catastrophe was averted because of all the work that was done. Things like software patches were installed. Others say nothing happened because it was just a matter of some apocalypse heralds crying wolf when there was no wolf.

Don’t Forget
The effects of the spring time change are usually felt on Sunday morning. Some people have been known to arrive at church early for a change. Time change can be a bit embarrassing. Adjust your timepieces and make sure your computer gets a time change too.

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