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Ultimate Dragon Ball z

Ultimate DBZ is a website devoted to a manga and anime series called Dragon Ball Z that aired in Japan during 1989. The series only made its way to North America in April of 1996 on the Fox Network, and was soon after canceled. After that the series found its way on many other networks, such as the WB during 1998.

Finally the series made a home for itself on the Cartoon Network a few months after being canceled on WB soon after it premiered on the station and was canceled. To many the Dragon Ball Z series marked the beginning of something new; after it became popular a wave of anime from Japan was entertaining the newly found fan base.


Ultimate Dragon Ball Z is just one of the many websites out there on the Internet that devote its time and space to this famous anime and manga series. This one in particular seems to have a very nice layout at first glance, but the way they use it is concerning, as everything is cluttered up together.


There are many features to this fan created website that fans will find interesting. First of all there are game reviews for the many Dragon Ball Z games, as of 2009 there are over 10 games devoted to the series. Interestingly enough visitors to this website can find character profiles and even hear the voices of each character.

Information on power levels and timelines for the series and its characters also add to the immense amounts of information posted on the website. For those that check out the multimedia sections of Ultimate Dragon Ball Z, they’ll find full episodes, movie clips, and even music videos about the series.

Last but not least there’s an extensive section dedicated to fan works, like art or stories written by normal fans of the series. These stories or art can range from being professional looking to typical of fan art.. The major downside to Ultimate Dragon Ball Z is the fact that the website isn’t updated frequently.


The major downside being the fact that the website isn’t updated frequently is its biggest weakness. It would be nice to see the Webmaster updating it weekly, and for a bit more information to be added. Other then that there are no problems with Ultimate Dragon Ball Z.

Overall Ultimate Dragon Ball Z is pretty much just the average fan created website with great amounts of

information and features.

Final Score

5 Out of 10 – Average – (10 Being Perfect, 1 Being Horrible.)

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