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Twitter to Launch Official Tweet Button

The Twitter

Button is a new feature that Twitter rolled out on August 12, 2010. It is designed to make sharing information easier than ever regardless of where you are on the web. Formerly most news services used

Meme as way for their readers to tweet interesting news articles. According to Twitters blog however, they worked closely with

Meme to help develop this new button.

The Twitter

Button allows you to see at a glance how many people have tweeted a story. There are widgets available in three different styles that you can easily incorporate into blog posts or on your website. This simple to use button is designed to make content sharing easier than ever for recreational as well as business users. Power users will love the added flexibility that it allows them, including offering an option to follow the author of articles or the news service.

• New Features

You no longer have to worry about copying, pasting and shortening your links to share your work. Using the

Button allows you a one size fits all option that includes the title of what you are tweeting plus a built in shortening service. You can even include an option to allow those who tweet an article, blog post or news story to follow you after they have tweeted the item.

• Why a Twitter


Twitter believes that while the site has continued to grow and that more people are sharing information via Twitter that there is significant room for growth and plenty of opportunity to improve. Twitter estimates that currently, nearly a quarter of all Twitter updates include links to additional information. The Twitter

Button is designed to increase the amount of useful information that is currently shared by Twitter users and encourage additional growth.

• Availability of the Twitter


The Twitter

Button is available immediately and can be customized in one of three formats. In addition, you can include recommendations on who to follow, write a customized message and select the language for your button from English, French, Japanese, German or Spanish.

• Summary

The Twitter

Button was designed to make sharing content easier than ever. Twitter has launched the official tweet button to make sharing content, news and information easier than ever before. Make sure that your blog readers, your customers and your friends can share your content easier than ever. Get the official

Button today.

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