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Traffic Tube your Key to Online Visibility

Market your Helium articles, your company or even yourself through YouTube. Create your own marketing machine and increase your online visibility ten-fold.

Everyone should be doing this, and many are, because it’s so simple. In this article I give you steps and I point you to videos and a free tool I’ve created for you to get started on your own marketing videos (you may want to print out this page for easier reference while you follow the steps). Why am I doing this for free? Because I get excited about things that are simple and have lots of potential.

Here’s the concept; Create a video, movie or slide show (that people will want to see of course – I explain how to create a movie below), put it on YouTube and in the description box of that video, place a link to your article or site (pasting the URL into the description box makes it a link). I will show you a sample video I made with an arrow that actually points to the link in your description box (the arrow is at the right height even).

Here’s a link to a short video I just created which points to this article you are currently reading. Paste the link into the address bar of your web browser, view the short video and at the end of it you should see an arrow pointing to the upper right side of the video. Click that link and it’ll bring you right back to this article. There you have it; I’ve marketed this article. It’s as simple as that. Again, here’s the link:

You can do this with all your articles – just make sure (as I’ve done) that your video is related to the article you’re linking to, you don’t want to “false advertise”.

and here’s a link to the generic arrow-pointing video (free tool) that you can download and use at the end of any of your videos/movies to encourage people to click a link of your choice. When you hover over my video at YouTube a pop-up should prompt you to download the video:


1). Start a YouTube account. Go to YouTube.com and follow the simple steps they provide. Mine account is called “HeliumWriter”.

2). HOW TO CREATE A MOVIE: Most digital cameras have a movie making feature. You can also go online and purchase movie-making software (I own software called “Multiquence”, and it works fine. It should be around $50.00 or less. There are many other movie-making softwares out there too though). With movie-making software you can add pictures to your movie and you need it if you want to add my arrow-pointing movie to the end of your movie. But again, you don’t need it to make simple movies. You could for example make a short movie about your dog, then write a related article about your dog on Helium and have the movie link to it.

3). Once you’ve finished your movie, save it or download it from your camera to your computer, then go to YouTube, log in and click “upload” (it should be the yellow button located on the upper right-hand side of the page after you log in), browse to the place you’ve saved your movie on your computer and follow the steps. Here’s where it gets interesting…

4). Add the clickable link to the description box of your video. Once you get to the part that asks you to add a description of your video, that’s where you place the link. Simply go to the webpage that you want to link to, copy the URL from the address bar and paste it into the description box of your video at YouTube (As you can see, the links to the right of my videos all look like web addresses).

I hope it works as well for you as it has for me.

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