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Traffic Panic Iphone App Review Free Game Ipad Ipod Touch Itunes Store Car Lights

Traffic Panic is a reactions based traffic controlling game in which players are in control of a set of traffic lights and must direct the cars to avoid crashes. It was developed for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch by Neon Play. It was released on the 3rd of February 2011 and it is currently free to download. There are however in-app purchases that require real money to be spent.

Traffic panic allows the player to take control of the city’s traffic lights and decide when it is safe for the cars to cross the busy road. The player has control of a set of lights and simply has to tap the screen to turn the red light to green and vice versa. Once the light has changed, the traffic will speed across the road and, if the player has timed it right, reach the other side unharmed; however if the timing is wrong, the traffic will crash into the horizontal traffic and the game will be over.

The game does have an in-game currency which must be slowly won through playing the game or bought as an in app purchase. Coins are required to unlock the other available levels. There is currently one free level and five purchasable levels. The later levels have multiple crossing points, making the game a little more challenging and interesting. To be fair to the creators, coins are available in three sized bundles, ranging from $0.99 to $2.99. The $2.99 bundle gives the player more than enough coins to access all of the available levels.

The idea behind traffic panic is not new by any stretch of the imagination. This style of game has been around for a long time and been seen in many different forms. This makes traffic panic somewhat disappointing because once a style of game becomes established, players expect ingenuity to improve and revolutionise the style. Traffic panic unfortunately just sticks a price tag on the same old game, albeit through in app purchase. It is so hard to stand out in the iTunes store and traffic panic just doesn’t seem special.

The graphics on the game are very good and the sound keeps the players interest and is well used. The game play is unfortunately quite boring as the player is simply tapping on and off, but that is inherent to the style of game. The game is challenging and the coins system will inspire some players to play for long lengths of time to unlock those later levels, but most players will more than likely enjoy the first and then move on. It’s not bad for a free game but not recommended.

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