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Top Free Android Apps

Android Market is one of the best features of any Android phone. Learn which apps are essential now.

With the recent and imminent release of numerous Android-powered smartphones, the Android Market is becoming a booming place to find applications. As of this writing, there are over 11,000 Android apps, according to Androlib.com). So which ones should you download first?

With the Android Market, users can download a variety of applications, which install automatically on their phone. These apps provide all kinds services and functions and increase the features of any Android device ten-fold. Although some Android apps cost money, the majority are free. And if you are like me, then you know the best things in life are free! Here are the top four free Android apps from Android Market.

Facebook for Android

Facebook recently went over 300 million users worldwide according to the L.A. Times. Don’t you want to stay connected with them while you’re on the go? Well, there is an Android app for that. Facebook for Android is a free app from Android Market that serves as a portal to the popular social networking site. With the app, users can keep track of their news feed, send messages to friends and update their status right from their phone. Users can also upload photos to Facebook via Facebook for Android. Aside from giving users quick access to Facebook from their Android device, the app also comes with a homescreen widget. The widget displays recent status updates from all of your Facebook friends. This keeps you up to date on the goings on of Facebook without having to open the app at all! This free app is officially developed by Facebook.

Opera Mini

Opera Mini is an Android app that serves as an alternative to Android’s default web browser (Browser). It is a extremely lightweight browser that loads mobile versions of websites. Opera Mini loads most websites much faster than Android’s Browser loads the full HTML site. Extra speed is also accomplished by Opera compressing and routing the page through their own servers. Opera Mini is a free app in the Android Market, so go download it and get to speed browsing!

Twidgit Lite

As one might guess from the name, Twidgit Lite is a Twitter widget. It allows the user to view the most recent tweet from themselves or other twitterati that they are following. And the best part is, Twidgit Lite lets users do this right from your homescreen! You can even set the widget to update on a specific interval from five minutes up to one hour. This way you never fall out of your Twitter loop. The Twidget Lite Android app also allows you to update your Twitter status by opening the widget. Twidget Lite is a free app in the Market, so download at will.

Google Voice

This is my personal favorite of all the free Android apps that I have used. Google Voice is a new service from Google that gives the user his own personal phone number. You then can use your Google Voice number to make phonecalls or send SMS messages from the web. And the Android app lets users do the same from their Android device. This means users can make and receive calls and text messages on your Google Voice number through your phone. Google Voice also archives all voicemails and SMS messages online, so you will never lose that important message. Google Voice and its free Android app are just starting out and Google says there are many new features to come. Unfortunately, Google Voice numbers are provided on an inivitation-only basis, at the time of this writing. However, I applied for an invitation and received a number, so I’m sure you can, too!

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