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Tips for Posting on Forums or Discussion Boards

There are a great many reasons why we may wish to visit web site forums and discussion boards and there are equally a great many things we may wish to achieve by posting upon them. There are some rules, however, which we should be aware of which, if we do not follow to the letter, could get us censured or banned from the site altogether.

Web site forums and discussion boards are available on almost any subject known to man. There are even some which are very non-specific and cover a wide variety of categories. They are generally frequented by people who fall in to one of two categories: those looking for advice and those willing to provide advice on whatever topic the forum may be assigned.

If we are looking for advice on the forums, we are less likely to be posting so much as reading. This therefore means that we have little rules to follow other than asking our question(s) of other members in a polite and respectful fashion. It is always a good idea, however, to thank those who have given us the benefit of their wisdom and their time with the occasional post on the thread, quite specifically doing so.

It is where we are the expert or at least one qualified to give advice upon any subject that we have to be extremely careful about how we do so. The first rule is to remember that while we may be extremely knowledgeable about the subject of the forum or particular thread on same, the reason why others are asking questions is quite simply because they are not. We must therefore be careful that we do supply the answer to their question (if we can) in a respectful rather than derogatory sense and in terminology which they can understand. Essentially, we must never ridicule their involuntary ignorance nor blind them by a series of technical terms which they could never be expected to understand. This may involve some extremely carefully worded text in order that we may achieve the correct balance.

The other thing which we must never do in online forums or discussion boards is spam them. This is where, instead of adding quality and informative posts to a few threads, we visit such as dozens of them and leave nothing more than a link to our website. This is not welcome on any forum or discussion board and will quickly see our membership terminated. It does not mean that we cannot promote ourselves or our websites but we must do so in a more subtle sense, either by including a link to our site only in our profile on the forum if applicable, or by concluding an aalready informative post by stating such as, “Further information may be found on my site” and there providing a link.

If we follow these tips, be we novice or expert, we are likely to gain respect on the forums and discussion boards we prescribe to and achieve our desired purpose most effectively.

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