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Tips for Buying a Mouse Pad

When purchasing a mouse pad, one should consider it’s primary function:
1) For Gaming and entertainment fun or
2) Work and presentation functions

But it is suggested that one go for ergonomics and function first.

But why do people need a mouse pad?

1) When the performance of your mouse is not up to standard
2) Optical mouse might not work with your table surface
3) Helps with the ergonomics (e.g Correct height for your hand, giving you more support)
4) To enhance the environment of your computer table (not a cartoon one of course)
5) Gamers or graphic designers should need more precision, thus a mouse pad that is specific to optical mouse usage.

These are the main considerations:

1) Size
2) Material
3) Surface area
4) Price
5) Wrist rest/Pillow option
6) Design
7) Adjustable Mouse Platform Option
8) Comfort
9) Style

(1) Size

-Thicker cushion would allow you to raise it to the level of your keyboard, to achieve better ergonomics

(2) Material

-Allows smooth rolling and good traction.
-Backing is non-slip (e.g Rubber)

(3) Surface area

-Mousing surface should be large enough to prevent scrolling off the edge
-Must be of optimal size to fit your desk area. (E.g Smaller sized ones)

(4) Price

-Ranges from free to around $40
-Free ones could be acquired through gifts from businesses
-Good ones may have higher cost due to material or design (e.g Built-in ergonomically correct wrist/palm rest)

(5) Wrist rest/Pillow option

-Should get one with built-in gel wrist rest or palm support
-Supports the hand or palm, offering protection to wrist and related nerves

(6) Design

-Mouse is a everyday gadget (if you use your computer everyday)
-Should be able to motivate you or is something that you like
-For offices, it could be your company’s logo
-Customizable ones allow you to slide in photographs
-Ready-made ones could include many patterns and prints to choose from

(7) Adjustable Mouse Platform Option

-Able to form a mouse bridge over the numeric keypad on your keyboard
-Or a mouse platform that sits adjacent to your keyboard to allow you to adjust the angle of your mousing experience

(8) Comfort

-Ventilated for cooler feel
-Angle and height



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