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Thumbup Iphone App Review

humbup is a online reflex game app for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. It was created by flambe Studios LLC and is free. This app lets you test your reflex speed in comparison to other people . This is something that is possible to find in the iTunes app store and this does it well enough though it could use a considerably better explanation of what it is that you are supposed to do because having to play through it a number of times before you figure out what you are doing is frustrating.

Games that are based purely on reflex is one of the game types that I least care for even more than the flinch games which at least have some element of skill. The problem is that a game like ThumbUp is not really going to get better if you play it more because it is based more or less purely on reflex once you understand and because of that no amount of competition is actually going to make you any better at it, it will just allow you to compare your natural ability to some one else and that does not hold my attention all that long.

When you open this app you will begin by putting your thumb on the red button in the middle of the phone screen. After a moment the phone will either buzz, vibrate or light up and you try to lift your thumb as fast as possible. If you do it faster than the other person then you win. You will then see a map that shows you where your next opponent is. This is an interesting part of the game because it makes people feel more real than it would if all you saw was a name and I hope other games will use this idea but in this game I simply did not care enough about the games for it to really matter.

The graphics and sound of this app are very simple for the iPhone though it could have been simpler if it only had the button that you needed.

The controls of this app are simple but it needs to have a better explanation of how they work because it can be frustrating the first time.

The greatest weakness of this app is that there is no way to improve in a reflex game beyond learning the rules.

This app gets two out of five stars.

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