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The Pros and Cons of using Google Buzz

Google Buzz has undergone many significant changes since its launch in February 2010 mostly to address concerns over privacy issues. Google has done that and what’s left is an up and rising social network that has many opportunities. Part Facebook, part Twitter – this network makes social networking easier to manage and easier to interact with an audience. Here are some pros and cons of using Buzz.

Pros of Using Google Buzz

While not a new concept, Google Buzz suggests friends to follow. What’s new is that the list of friend suggestions is based on the amount of contact users have had with that person through emails and chats. For Buzz users, growing a follower base becomes as easy as clicking on a button. On the other end, users are notified of who is following them and they will then be able to opt-in and “follow” their friends as they choose.

Google Buzz also allows other social network services to be integrated within the network. Updates from services such as Twitter, YouTube, Blogger, Flickr, Picasa, and Google Reader can be viewed in Google Buzz making the process of sharing even easier to do.

Google Buzz can easily be used with mobile devices. Supporting multiple platforms such as Android, iPhone, Symbian 60, and Openwave, Google Buzz allows easier access, easier viewing, and even an option to display the user’s location if they choose. Voice recognition is also an option that is available.

Google Buzz is easy to use. The simplicity of using the Buzz interface is a premier draw especially for people who don’t want to switch in and out of their social network to access email.

Cons of Using Google Buzz

Many have claimed that social networks are an already saturated market with many strong competitors such as Facebook and Twitter. The addition of one more social network will require time to maintain that many people are not willing to spend. Additionally, Google Buzz’s features aren’t as spectacular to be able to draw away the masses from Facebook.

Emailed update notifications can potentially overload a gmail account especially if a follower base has a lot of active conversations. One of the most common setbacks Buzz users will find is that they receive multiple notification emails for a single update – one coming from Google Reader and one coming from Buzz.

Facebook is still the king of social gaming. Online games have drawn masses of people into social networks and Google Buzz doesn’t offer any of that.

Google Buzz users must have a gmail account to use this platform. Social networks generally enable their users to use any email platform they choose. Google doesn’t give that option.

Google Buzz has taken many steps to address privacy issue concerns and they’ve also continued to make the Buzz network a premier opportunity to easily share and connect with people. Google Buzz is still far from being a finished product. As they address the concerns of the network users, what we will end up with is a polished version of the most technologically advanced social network available.

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