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The pros and cons of buying an all-in-one printer

Are you tired of having technology piled all over your desk? It may be time for an all-in-one printer. You can fulfill your office needs using stand-alone devices, but people are more commonly looking for an all-in-one printer that takes care of all of their needs. There are some pros and cons to the all-in-one approach.

All-In-One Pros

The first advantage is that an all-in-one is significantly less expensive than purchasing all of the individual devices separately. As all-in-ones typically include the ability to print, scan, copy and fax, several different stand-alone devices would be required to fulfill all of these needs.

All-in-ones are typically compact, so they save space as compared to standalone components. This is important in the normal home office that doesn’t have space in abundance. This also means you will have all functions available to you at all times, something that may not be true if you are using standalone devices that are stored away in the closet.

With all of the features built-in to one device, it is often easier to carry out certain functions, such as making copies. Performing this task with a separate scanner and printer can be more troublesome and take longer.

All-In-One Cons

The biggest disadvantage relates to the phrase “Jack of all trades and master of none.” While the all-in-one can do several different things, it does exhibit the superior performance that you experience when using standalone devices. Print and scan quality and speed may suffer when using an all-in-one.

With all these devices combined, if some part of the all-in-one stops working, you need an entirely new unit. If you have standalone devices and one of them fails, you only have to replace that device. If the scanner on your all-in-one fails, the only way to regain that functionality is to purchase a new all-in-one.

Finally, while an all-in-one will take up less space than all of the devices it replaces, by itself it is usually larger than a standalone printer, so it can be a bit of a burden to move around or to permanently position. The average all-in-one is considerably larger than the average printer.

The Verdict

Considering the advantages and disadvantages, is an all-in-one right for you? If you do not need the absolute highest quality scans and prints an all-in-one can be a great addition to your office. It will save you money and take up less overall space.

If you need the most high-end scanner and printer available, you are going to want to go with standalone devices. Make sure when purchasing one that the warranty suits your needs, because if the scanner fails or some other part stops working properly, your all-in-one will stop being the do-everything device it was.

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