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The Mandolin Store Review

Themandolinstore.com is a web store setup and run by a man named Dennis Vance. He has a passion for mandolin and mandolin family musical instruments. He and a few staff members run a small store located in Wickenburg, Arizona, yet have the privileged of being the among largest of mandolin dealers in the United States. Dennis has a reputation of being a very honest, hardworking, and friendly owner, so it’s no wonder that he is such an esteemed businessman.

Dennis ensures the quality of every mandolin that is set up in their small workshop, and asks very fair pricing for his work. Each mandolin is thoroughly scoured for blemishes, is cleaned, polished, refretted if necessary, and taken care of to ensure that the buyer gets the best quality mandolin possible.

The website itself is fully functional. It has the appearance of a fairly cheaply made, or a slightly unprofessional site, but that is because it is created and run by mandolin dealers, not professional web designers. In particular, the site’s navbar has a “cheap” feel to it, although that shouldn’t get in the way of the fact that all customers that use the website are satisfied completely in the end. The store feature itself is fully functional, with organized product lists, a page for each mandolin or other instrument listed, a working shopping cart feature, a realtime item stock feature, and a secure payment system. If you are looking to buy a mandolin online, this is definitely the best website to choose from.

The website also features a newsletter feature that anyone can sign up for which will allow the user to receive periodic newsletters sent via email to inform about what’s happening at the mandolin store, what sales are happening, and what new mandolins have just come in stock. This feature is assured to be safe by “SafeSubscribe”.

The website banner is large, but it is informative. It includes in the background a picture of some Arizona mountains, a mandolin, And the title “THE MANDOLIN STORE”. On the bottom of the banner, a lot of text is included including their phone number, a testimonial, and various bits of information such as: “We ship worldwide”, “We buy, sell, and trade”, and “Financing Available”. As the description proves, this is a busy banner, that may soak up some of the website experience, but not so much as to turn the shopper away. Overall, themandolinstore.com is a fairly made website.

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