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The best way to Make your Video go Viral

A lot of people nowadays want to be popular on websites like Youtube by getting their videos to go viral. But what people don’t know is some important steps for your video go viral.

The most important thing you need if you want your video to go viral is a good original idea. You see not just any video will go viral and people often try to copy other peoples videos like star wars kid. Unfortunately these people videos end up with 21 views after 4 months of being uploaded because it looks copied, not original and probably doesn’t look real. If you take a look at star wars kid he is not just being a goof, he actually looks like he is trying to look cool and he is sort of chubby so it looks funny. So star wars kid is not just some guy waving a pole around like a goof, he is doing something original and funny. When you think about what is in the video you realise that it funny for several reasons like 1, he looks like he is trying to accomplish something. 2, he is chubby. 3, he is not good at what he does. 4, he keeps trying to look cool. 5, he keeps filming scenes one after the other. Think about it for a while, these things are what makes the video actually funny. So what you really want for a viral video is a good original idea. Now if you really want an original idea the trick is to just think for a few minutes about a video that you would want to watch and then search it on Youtube and see if something like that already exists if it doesn’t or if what is there is not good quality than your should write down your idea.

Making a viral video is not going to happen in one afternoon, this is why you should write down your idea because you have to develop it now, you see most people skip the developing step and make the video 5 minutes after having the idea. How you develop your idea is simple all you have to do is spend the day thinking about the idea you had and you are slowly going to come up with new ideas or replace old ideas with new ones and after a few days your idea should be ready. But how do you really know if your idea is ready? If your idea is at its best you will no longer have any new ideas, so if you like how you idea is and you stop having new ideas you should just wait 1 – 2 days and if you still don’t have any good new ideas then your idea is probably ready. Once your idea is ready write it down and review it, ask yourself questions like #1, Is the video going to appeal to the audience I wish to attract? in the case of YouTube its mostly ages 11 – 28. #2, Do I have the resources, materials and time needed to make this a quality video? #3 Why is my video going to go viral? These are important questions that must be answered before making your video.

The final goal in a viral video is making it viral. Once you have a good idea that you have put time to create as a quality video and you have it on YouTube what do you do? Well the major mistake most people do is wait. Now its going to take a long time for it to get views if you just wait. The goal is to get people to click your video. To get people to click your video your video has to look more appealing than the others in the video list, how do you do it? The first thing is to select the image that represents your video, select the best part of the video for the picture that shows up to represent your video. Another way to make it appealing is to name it correctly. That means you You need to give it an appealing name for people see, because if doesn’t look exiting nobody will click your video and you will have 0 views. The final step is to advertise your video. This can be done many ways, the first way is to give it a lot of relevant tags, in the tags you can write anything that’s in the video and its important that you have a lot of then and the they are relevant to the video. You can also advertise your video in places that have audience you wish to attract. Example a video game video can be advertise on video game forums or sent to your friends by email etc.

By putting all of this together you should have a basic idea on a viral video, you see every step is important. If you make a bad video you can advertise all you want and if you don’t advertise you can make the best video ever but it wont go viral.

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