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The best Software for Playing a Mp3

There is certainly no shortage of mp3 player software on the market. Which one is the best? The answer depends on the music experience you are looking for. Those simply looking for a no fuss, ‘just listen’ experience will need different software from the person seeking tweak every note. Whatever your music personality, there is a player for you.

The Casual Listener

You don’t listen to a lot of music on your computer. When you do, you just want to play the file and be done with it. For you, the software that came with your computer. For Windows users, Media Player and Quicktime on the Mac.

The Organizer

You just converted seventy CD’s to MP3 so organization is a must. You also miss having the cover art and artist info at your fingertips. For you, iTunes (Windows or Mac) is a good solution. Even though iTunes is primarily focused on selling music, it is still great for organizing your existing collection even if you never purchase. Just import your music into the library and enjoy album art and artist information at no cost. On Windows, Media Player has similar features, but with a less friendly interface.

Visual Thinker

You like to see the music, presumably with out pharmacological aids. The best answer for you is Winamp (Windows PC). No other single program will offer the wide range of visualization options. You may have so spend a little time downloading plug-ins and configuring, but when it comes to visualization, WinAmp is hard to beat.

The Digital DJ

Music is not just about listing for you. You want to mix, mash and remix your sounds. The best solution for you will be Audacity. It is not, strictly speaking a player, but you are not strictly a listener either. This free program is available for all major platforms (Windows, OS X and Linux). With it, you will be able to add effects, splice together snippets and enjoy your music your way.


Regardless of your music personality, choosing the right player is important to making the most of your playback experience. If you are not sure, try more than one! All the programs listed above are completely free. Who knows, you might discover your inner mix master.

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