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The best Plasma Tvs on the Market in 2010

The Plasma and LCD TV is gaining strength. Much better products at cheaper rates are being introduced. Whether the manufacturers are gaining benefit or not, people like us for sure have the privilege of using such spectacular TVs are such cheap prices. But we are not referring to TVs that are below the quality standards. We are particularly talking about TVs from the top notch manufacturers that are good in quality and low in prices. 2010 has been a great year for Plasma TVs. many new concepts and technologies have been introduced making it possible for people like us have a cinematic experience in our bedrooms.

So which ones are the best Plasma TVs to buy of 2010?

Samsung PN50C430:

The king of making Plasma TVs, Samsung introduced its PN50C430 during 2010 which brought a huge revolution in the TV industry. It is a wonderful Plasma TV which comes under Samsung’s cost effective Plasma TV tag. Although the resolution is kept a bit low which is 720p for most of the programming, it gives a good viewing experience. The TV comes with a number of connectivity options such as 2 HDMI inputs, SRS TruSurround HD audio processing, gaming mode, USB input, and much more. You can’t really get all those features in any other TV with a stylish body and a cheap price tag!

Panasonic Viera TC-P46C2:

The Panasonic Viera TC-P46C2 is another great Plasma TV that won’t fall heavy on your pocket. Cost effective yet powerful in terms of audio and video producing capabilities, the Panasonic Viera TC-P46C2 is best for indoor experiences. If you are a movie buff then you would love the 720p resolution and the 600Hz Sub Field Drive in this one.

LG 50PK550:

Believe it or not, LG is making some real good Plasma TVs this year. The LG 50PK550 is one example of the proficiency of LG in making Plasma TVs. it’s a 50 inch HD Plasma TV with 1080p resolution and can also support 3D functions. Including 3D functions has really made this TV a huge success and we hope LG keeps including the 3D features in all other TVs. the best part about this TV is that it’s pretty cost effective compared to the features it is offering.

These are the top 3 plasma TVs on the market in 2010. Select one and make sure you have the best viewing experience!



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