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The best of 2009 Gadgets

New Gadgets For 2009

A look at new tech you want to have in your collection.

We are certainly living in the age of technology. Innovative designs and engineering breakthroughs are happening every year. New tech arrivals are just as exciting as a new car on the lot. Here are a few gadgets that are gleaming their way in the world market spotlight.

Remember the old computer mouse with the little ball and then replaced by optical Technology using light. Useful but limited especially on glass surfaces and constraint on a doormat mouse pad. But advancements in tracking technology have finally arrived. Logitech Performance MX mouse can work on glass. This new technology is called Darkfield Laser Tracking. The MX features a scrolling wheel, a separate middle click/app switcher button along with back and forward thumb buttons, enabling quick navigation on Web pages. The current price will be available at $99.99.

The Logitech Anywhere Mouse MX includes back and forward buttons, placed within thumbs reach, and comes with a travel pouch. Available for about $79.99. Logitech is good at designing a computer mouse that can go anywhere, even on glass. Some are ambidextrous for either right or left hands. For an earlier design try Logitech Wireless M505 mouse at $49.99.

Not since the 1930s cartoon gadgetry of Dick Tracy’s Wrist Radio and than later 2 Way Wrist TV phone has there been a reason to really get excited about the new wrist telephones coming out. The Watch Phone has been LG’s long-anticipated, world’s first market-ready Touch Watch Phone (Model: LG-GD910) with 3G capable watch phone. The GD910 touch screen is only 1.43 inches diagonally, and features LG’s Flash interface, has a music player complete with a pulsating graphic equalizer, includes stereo Bluetooth headset and with high-speed HSDPA data connectivity, voice recognition features (speech-to-text and text-to-speech translation), making calling easier and set to sell in Europe first. Another major feature is the tiny camera for video telephony so you can see the person your talking too. LG engineers are still working on a Web browser for a final finished product. Action clips of this amazing phone can be found on YouTube.com

The Ear Force Z1 by Turtle Beach, is a new gaming headset, foldable, with noise-reduction ear cushions to help block out distractions. Priced at just $29.95 the headset includes an oversized, flexible boom mic, ten-foot cable with an in-line remote control with volume and microphone muting. The Z1 can also be used with voice programs such as Skype and Ventrilo, and for watching TV or music with MP3 players via the 3.5mm connector. Check out the web site (turtlebeach.com) for more info.

Because of modern tech home viewing of Internet entertainment on their televisions has become a demand. Hillcrest Labs have created a device for people who want to merge the living room into the all-purpose room. The Loop pointer is the answer. The Loop pointer is a wireless in-air mouse that lets you control an on-screen cursor with hand motions. Unlike any mouse you’ve seen before, this has a round, ergonomic shape which features four buttons and a scroll wheel. Easy to use, simply hold the device in any position, and control the computer or TV screen, control online music sites, photo sites, video sites, and more. The Loop pointer can be purchased for about $80. at hillcrestlabs.com or check your favorite online tech store sales.

New tech also means going slim. Sony’s PS3 Slim packed with a 250GB hard drive will appear on retail shelves in November for $350. New super-slim TV’s from Sony, Samsung, and Panasonic are getting noticed. Panasonic touts its new LCD at 1/3-inch thick and Samsung’s 58-inch plasma is just 1.1 inches thick, and one must ask ultimately how slim can they go, even plasmas are shrinking in size.

In conclusion, another good tech for writers is Nuance’s Dragon NaturallySpeaking 10 software allows you to write documents, emails, search the Web, and even control your PC entirely by voice. Dragon 10 knows we speak quicker than we type and can handle the our voice with speed up to 160 WPM and deliver an accuracy up to 99 percent. Self-correcting spelling mistakes, Dragon learns as it goes, and is twice as fast as the previous program. Nuance has a special edition bundled with a Bluetooth headset for a compete hands-free experience. The Plantronics Calisto Bluetooth headset let’s people move up to 30 feet away from their computer while dictating. Visit their web site for more information at nuance.com and check local and online stores. Tech is here to stay and we should have fun with it. Enjoy the new gadgets!

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