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The best Free Smartphone Apps

Having a smartphone is wonderful! That gleaming, beautiful new toy is useful right out of the box and it will have the new user up to speed within a few minutes or hours.

But all smartphones need applications, that special software that meets a hosts of specific and personal desires and needs, in order to become fully functional. Applications customise the device to individual needs and preferences, and are useful in ways that were never possible before in mobile devices.

The problem is that no one article will ever be able to talk about the “best” of hundreds of thousands of free smartphone apps without someone disagreeing with the choices or wanting to add hundreds of personally preferable alternatives to the list. The problems come when advertising, security issues and data mining come with the app. Many outstanding apps might be rejected because of third party and other code that is not wanted.

So, this article will discuss HOW to find out about and to choose the best free smartphone apps in a constantly growing and changing marketplace!


The best way to find the best applications right now is to simply Google “best smartphone applications” or “best applications for…your particular smart phone…” This will bring up news articles, blogs, forum discussions and magazine articles. Then you can choose from the best online tech magazines, such as mashable.com, zd net, and the forums for your particular device.

Keeping up with the fresh apps news:

The best searchable online review magazines and forums can be part of your rss feeds, favorites and bookmarks. Twitter lists can keep up on what users have to say about the latest and greatest apps of interest to the individual.

Google or yahoo alerts can be set up with multiple search terms such as “top free I-phone apps” , “best free Android apps” and so on. You can put multiple search terms that cover the topic into one alert that is set up just for smart phone apps.Then something new comes up, alerts be sent to your e-mail.

Other alert and search terms might include “best…for college students”, or “best for…shopping”, and so on.

Using the official and best forums:

Apps buyers never stop shopping and they may not stay happy with the apps that they have. The apps update and might develop problems, and new apps come on the market. So It is good to bookmark the official and active forums that are dedicated to your make of smart phone. These are great ways to stay up to date on user’s information, complaints, Q&A and other news about all kinds of free apps.

The apps market:

The apps market is the way to find the top free apps. If an app has 4 or more stars out of 5, then it may be a good app. The next step is to read plenty of reviews. Some apps may have great stars at the home page, but have mixed reviews that tell of problems with particular smart phones.

This method allows the user to go to the specific category of apps that they are looking for and to use the marketplace ratings and ratings system to determine which are the most highly rated or even worthless of the apps that they are looking for.

Deciding whether security or advertising is a factor in rating or choosing a “best” free app:

Finally, an app might function beautifully and be rated as the best app by everyone, but may contain problems that are individual to the user. The biggest problem comes from security issues with the apps. There is no reason for a simple calculator or wallpaper app to access your call logs, location information and other system and personal data.

Also, many free apps have advertising that adds to the data usage. This is an important consideration for users who do not have unlimited data plans, or when there are hidden “limits” in the fine print of “unlimited” plans. Advertising helps to give some income to those who develop the apps, so most users do not mind viewing ads in return for a free bit of helpful and well done software.

While many will not care about the benign spying and data mining and will use the app, a lot of people will reject even the best app that has no functional reason for tapping into information, data, and other personal details that are stored on the device.

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