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Taking your business mobile : Reasons why your website needs a mobile version

In the United States alone, more than 300 million people have cellphones. The majority of those cellphones have internet access. Additionally, there are several other mobile devices that can connect to the internet, such as tablet computers. People are accessing the Internet on the go more and more each day, and because of this, you absolutely must have a mobile version of your website.

Many website owners believe that their existing website is easily viewed on mobile devices. Unfortunately, they are often wrong. Even if the website can be easily viewed with a mobile device, this does not mean that it is easy to use on such a device. It also does not mean that it is easily viewed or usable in all mobile devices.

Websites that were created for viewing on personal computers alone tend to load very slowly on mobile devices. This, of course, is extremely irritating for the user. When you have a mobile website available, and the user goes to your regular websites URL, a script on your server can detect whether they are using a mobile device or not, and load the appropriate version of your website for the device that they are using.

Another issue is content. Most users of mobile devices are looking for very specific things when they visit your website. They may be looking specifically for a product, a telephone number, directions, or something else. Keep this in mind when developing your mobile website, and keep any actual informative content short and to the point. Additionally, the content should be easy to view without the user having to scroll from side to side to read the content on your mobile website. The only scrolling that should be needed is up and down scrolling, which is acceptable to most users.

Mobile websites must be very fast and easy to use, above all else. If they are not easy to use, fast loading, and attractive in terms of design, most users will leave and go to a competitor’s mobile website instead. Therefore, when you design your mobile website, you must put yourself in a mobile device user’s shoes in order to do an outstanding job.

Finally, you must consider the great search engine struggle. Your usual website may be doing very well in the search engines, but this does not mean that your site is doing well in mobile search engines. In fact, if your site does not include a mobile version, your chances of moving up in mobile search are virtually non-existent.

While there are free options for turning an existing website into a mobile website, it is highly recommended that you use a professional mobile website service for this to ensure the best results possible.

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