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How to Learn Html

HTML, known specifically as Hypertext Markup Language, is the coding system that the majority of web pages online utilize. Web browsers such as Internet Explorer and Firefox, translate HTML coding into a visual form (text, images, tables, links, etc.) that allows users to interact with it. As the internet continues …

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Choose a Web Designer

When you start thinking of having your own website you having a sort of a picture as to how your website should be. But a website is not just about its design. A Website should be such that it enthralls the audience and converts them into potential buyers for your …

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How to Add a Background Image Html Table

Tables are extremely useful in HTML (Hypertext Markup Language), and you can easily add a background image to a table to make it more appealing. Choose your image carefully, though, keeping color and size in mind. You may add a background image to an entire table, a particular row, or an …

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Tips for Writing Html

Web design tips: HTML best practices HTML is a flexible but simple language (at least compared to general purpose computer languages). Although there are sometimes several ways to achieve something with HTML, using the right way will help you enormously as a web developer. Here are some best practice tips …

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How to Create a User Friendly Website

= Introduction = So you decided to create a website. One thing you have to keep in mind now, is that usability and user-friendly of your website is an important key which will decide the success of your website. You do want to satisfy your visitors, right? Nothing is as …

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